Sunday, July 19, 2009

Liswa Mataa Bigu Dyo:

Liswa Mataa Bigu Dyo :

Walking about 50m from the junction, the traditional route takes descending to Kolaga. On the western side of path before descending, there is a rest place Kolaga Phalcha. It was constructed during Rana period. This area is also the burial ground for the Jogi cast. On the south east corner of this rest place is a stone image called Liswa mataa bigu dyo where the visitors of the temple, when returning from Gunbihar pay their respect to remark their last good bye to the deities of the Gunbihar. Liswa mataa bigu means to offer light looking behind, that is to say good-bye to Bajrayogini. Especially, on the day of Bichapuja, three days after the end of Bajrayogini procession (Jatra) when people make their visit to the temple for Bichapuja worship, they have to perform worship to Liswamataa bigu dyo on their way back to home.

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Mr. Harigopal Shrestha Thesis,

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