Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gates for Sankhu to Bajrayogini:

Sankhu GATES:
There are two gates to go to Gunbihar from the historical town Sankhu. Both of them are facing north. One who crosses these gates can see the pleasant view of Gunbihar in front of his/her eyes. The returned devotees, when enter these gates, there is broken the visual linkage between the Gunbihar and them. So one who takes Dhunladhwakha pays his final respect to Bajrayogini at the Dhunladhwakha and if one takes Mahadyodhwakha pays his final respect to Bajrayogini at the northern rim of Mahadev temple complex, where a stone image with three mandalas, believed to be the representative of the goddess Bajrayogini has been placed. Those People may also come at this place to pay their respect to the Bajrayogini who are not able to climb the hill or have no time to go to temple of Bajrayogini.

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