Saturday, June 27, 2009

About Sankhu..

Sankhu is in the Kathmandu Valley. In the Valley, there are several historical settlements, such as Kirtipur, Handigaon, Gokarna, Lele, Nagadesh, Khokana, Deopatan, Sankhu, etc. Sankhu is one of the oldest settlements of the Valley.
Sankhu, a Newari town, is rich in social and cultural, as well as religious values. The town has been planned in a gridiron pattern, in the shape of Shankha (conch shell). Sankhu is an old town, started predominantly as a Newar community, and even today, almost all people in Sankhu are Newars. Sankhu (‘sakwo’ called by the locals) was established in the kaligat era in 1801. The legend tells that it was formed based on the ideas of goddess Bajrayogini. Bajrayogini is a tantric goddess and one of the four yoginis of Kathmandu Valley. There are a total of 64yoginis, 4 of which are in Kathmandu valley. These four yoginis are Bajrayogini of Pharping, Khadgayogini of Pulchowk, Akasyogini of Bijeshwari and Bajrayogini of Sankhu. According to the ancient book (Bansabali), Sankhu was made in the shape of a holy right conch-hell under the direction of Jog Dev Bajracharya, (a priest), whose pious permission to do so was given by Goddess Bajrayogini.

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